Cutie Hair Ties

Cutie Hair Ties

Hi everyone!

I’ve been horrible about blogging lately… but in my defense, I’ve been busy enjoying all that summer has to offer.¬†Good friends, family, good food, good weather, good drinks… ūüôā

Anyway I wanted to share this link to a blog I found on Pinterest, because the girls and I just spent about 20 minutes making the cutest hair ties! I pretty much did everything this blogger suggests, except singe the ends because I just didn’t feel like getting out the aim n’ flame. I ordered the elastic from the place she suggests and I got a ton for not much money. I think I got about 3 out of each piece of elastic – and there’s a good mix, including some cute seasonal ones we can use for Halloween and Christmas.

I even made some for my own hair and I’m proud to say it works great without the ouch factor you get with the rubber bands or other elastics. ¬†Try it, you might like it! ¬†

(Just click “Link” below!)


Homemade Ice Cream Quick!

Happy Saturday!

The girls and I grabbed a tag off our Summer Fun Tree yesterday and decided to make homemade ice cream. ¬†I’ve seen a lot of fun little shaker things in stores, but I wanted to go the cheaper route!

I found a lot of recipes online and this one worked best:

In a pint-sized ziploc bag, combine:

  • 1 cup half and half
  • 2 tablespoons sugar
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla

In a gallon-sized ziploc bag, combine:

  • 1/2 cup salt (I found ice cream salt in the baking aisle of my grocery store for $1.65 and it worked great – I think you want bigger granules so just avoid regular table salt)
  • ice cubs to fill the bag halfway

Put the small bag inside the big bag, seal it tightly and shake shake shake!

The girls took turns shaking for 5 minutes – then mom gave it some extra strong shakes so the ice cream would firm up.

When it was done, they grabbed spoons and ate right from the bag.  Tasted like your favorite soft-serve!

Hailey already wants to make mint chocolate chip next time, so we’ll have to try some different variations!

I kind of failed at the picture-taking for this project, but I did get this Instagram of the girls enjoying their creation.


Have a great weekend!

Start of Summer!

Well hello there! ¬†It’s been awhile, friends! ¬†We made it through soccer, softball and the end of school, then immediately left for a family vacation in sunny Florida! ¬†We hit the beach and Disney World with great friends and had a blast!


Now we are back home and ready to start having some summer fun! My work schedule allows me to spend every Friday with the girls – so we have dubbed these days “Riley Mommy Sissy Day” or “Fun Friday.” I’ve seen lots of ideas for summer bucket lists on Pinterest and in several magazines, and thought it was a great idea so we don’t lose track of all of the fun things we want to do together. I morphed several ideas into one to come up with our Summer Fun Tree.


We came up with a big list of activities and I wrote them on colorful paper, punched a hole in each one and hung on our leftover Easter Egg Ornament Tree. We placed it in front of our fireplace so we could select one or two activities every Friday, and any other time we’re bored.


I will let you know how it goes! Wonder if all the tags will actually be gone by the time school starts???

On to our first craft project of the summer… It’s a Sunny Day (even when it’s raining)!


I am taking matters into my own hands right now because it seems like our plans are continually being rained out! I came up with this wooden sun for our front door.

Here’s what you need:
wooden or paper mache craft circle(I got mine at Michael’s for $2)
big and little popsicle sticks
various shades of orange and yellow paint
hot glue gun




The girls and I set to work painting the circle and sticks. I didn’t count them out, I just kind of took big piles from each size of sticks and we painted all of them. I had several that were unused, but I wasn’t sure how many I would need so we just painted ’em! They dried pretty quickly, so I set to work hot gluing them onto the circle. I did the big ones first, evenly spaced around the circle. Then I glued the small ones, skipping here and there. I couldn’t have been more pleased with the result!


It’s a Sunny Day!

Add a ribbon or string to hang and – Ta Da!

I think it’s a super cute and cheery welcome to our home.

Happy weekend!

Bringing Spring/Summer Inside!

So those of you who live in the 515, 712, 319 or 641 can probably emphathize.


So cruel to see this on May 2nd! ¬†And May 3rd! ¬†And now it’s May 4th and IT’S STILL ON THE GROUND, PEOPLE! ¬†Can we take comfort in the fact that at least it’s a record-breaking snow?

No. ¬†Just… no.

So yesterday Riley and I decided to thumb our nose at Mother Nature a little and bring our spring and summer fun inside!

We took a quick trip to Target and the craft store and got the necessary supplies… then settled in having some warm-weather fun indoors!


First up, making our own sun. Riley drew a circle on the posterboard and helped cut it out. A little lop-sided but it’s HER circle, after all!
We swirled yellow & orange poster paint together with our brushes and in her words, “covered up all the white spots!”


I cut triangles for the sun’s rays and then while we waited for the paint to dry…


We got to work on making an indoor sand box. I gifted a couple of these to our nephews for Christmas and my sister texted a picture of our little Hudson happily playing with his, so I thought I could whip one up for Riley. The outdoor sand box is one of her favorite toys, so I got out the sand we brought back from our Florida beach vacation last year.




She played with this for about an hour without stopping – and was great about keeping all the sand inside the tub.


Look at that concentration!


Next up, it’s lunchtime so we had a living room picnic! ¬†Riley put on a sun hat, and we settled on our blanket for a little picnic-friendly food.


Of course, the best part for her was the ice cream cone that came at the end of the meal, followed by summer-themed books!

IMG_1917 IMG_1918 IMG_1919

Finally, we finished up our sun – here’s hoping he shows up outside again soon!


Searching Your Surroundings

Happy Monday!

It’s the start to a busy week of softball games, gymnastics, and all the other things thrown in the mix this time of year!

Tonight while we were getting ready for Hailey’s game, I came up with a little activity for Riley. ¬†She would much rather run around and play than watch her sissy, so to keep a better eye on her AND be able to watch the game, I presented her with a type of seek ‘n find game.


Riley is 4, so she has a pretty good grasp on her letters and colors. ¬†I used markers to show the colors she’d need to find, and drew pictures (don’t laugh, never said I was an artist) of the items to find. ¬†I added in the names of each item just to provide a little additional learning opportunity – she loves to sound letters out and will always ask what a certain word starts with – b-b-b-b is for butterfly!

So we brought a marker along for her to check the items off as she found them.


I set boundaries for her search area, and ended up allowing a cat or a dog… sadly there were no butterflies or cats OR dogs to be found!


But she still had fun and even recruited a couple of friends to help.


And by the way, sissy rocked it at her game – hit the ball both times at bat and scored both times!

YAY for springtime fun!

Catchin’ Some Sun

Well, happy Friday everyone!


It’s been a week. ¬†Actually, it’s been a day! ¬†Work was nuts, I was late getting Hailey to school(thanks traffic), I went to two craft stores trying to find an item for a project Riley and I wanted to try today… and THEY WERE OUT. ¬†Then I got a text from my husband reminding me I need to be home, oh, right about now because the sprinkler dudes are coming to turn our irrigation back on for the summer. Thanks, dear. ¬†This was not on the calendar! ¬†I live by my calendar, people!

So Riley and I zipped home and met the sprinkler dude just as he was dinging our bell.  Whew.

But I was still a little miffed. ¬†I will be completely honest with you all. ¬†When I get an idea in my head, I want to do it. ¬†NOW. ¬†And if something happens and I can’t, I tend to get a little frustrated. ¬†Or a lot frustrated. So what’s a girl to do?

I ate a doughnut.

And I came up with project #2.

Tissue paper suncatchers!


I took the contact paper I had left over from an earlier project, some tissue paper, scissors and a couple embroidery hoops.


Pretty simple Рjust insert the contact paper inside the embroidery hoop, just like you would if you were actually going to embroider it.  Cut up the tissue paper into whatever shapes you like.  Riley and I decided we were in a pointy triangle kind of mood today (!) so we just went with that.


Riley wanted to cover hers so you couldn’t see any of the contact paper at all.


I left some spaces in between mine.

When we were done, I just trimmed the contact paper down to the hoop, added a ribbon, put up a suction cup on the window and voila!… instant suncatcher.


Bright and cheery, aren’t they? ¬†The day’s starting to look up, folks!

Have a great weekend!